partners and sponsors

Gold Sponsor

Concord Group

Concord is the leading engineering & construction company in Bangladesh with some of the most prestigious and most technically challenging projects in the country to their name. Secondly, Concord is the market leader in real estate development. They are involved in all sectors of the market (premium high-end condominiums, medium range apartments, affordable housing, luxury low-rise gated communities, etc.). Also, Concord has undertaken many striking commercial projects – from shopping malls to ultra-luxury office blocks and mixed-use products. Moreover, Concord has introduced low-cost “pucca” (permanent concrete buildings instead of temporary tin housing) housing projects. High-rise residential city development (4000 apartments at Lake City project with their own shopping, schools, mosques, etc.); development of townships and satellite cities with all amenities and support facilities; land projects and gated luxury villa projects.

Jeacon Garments Ltd. and Concord Fashion Export Ltd. have been exporting garments to the USA and Europe since the early 1980’s. In addition, Concord has 5 ready-mix concrete batching plants, 4 block factories that manufacture concrete products (hollow blocks, pavers, ceiling blocks, kerb-stones, 30 MPa load-bearing blocks, etc.), a terrazzo/engraved tiles manufacturing plant, a concrete roof-tile plant and a furniture manufacturing factory. Concord imports different types of sanitary wares, pressed doors, paints, tiles and construction materials. Concord has a very strong architectural and engineering design division and an interior design arm. Concord also set up Fantasy Kingdom in 2002. It is the only world-class theme park in Bangladesh. Since then Concord has set up 7 such installations (dry park, wet park, go-kart tracks) and 2 destination resort hotels in Dhaka and Chittagong.

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Silver Sponsor

City Bank

City Bank is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country which started their operations in 1983.City Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to have issued Dual Currency Credit Card. The bank is a principal member of VISA international and it issues both Local Currency (Taka) & Foreign Currency (US Dollar) card limits in a single plastic. City Bank prides itself in offering a very personalized and friendly customer service. It has in place a customized service excellence model called CRP that focuses on ensuring happy customers through setting benchmarks for the bank’s employees’ attitude, behavior, readiness level, accuracy and timelines of service quality.

City Bank is one of the largest corporate banks in the country with a current business model that heavily encourages and supports the growth of the bank in Retail and SME Banking. The bank is very much on its way to opening many independent SME centers across the country within a short time. The bank is also very active in the workers’ foreign remittance business. It has strong tie-ups with major exchange companies in the Middle East, Europe, Far East & USA, from where thousands of individual remittances come to the country every month for disbursements through the bank’s large network of 99 online branches and SME service centers.

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In Association Partner

The Daily Star

The Daily Star established its place in the media scene of Bangladesh on January 14, 1991. It started its journey with a sense of challenge and a feeling of humility to serve this nation as a truly independent newspaper. The newspaper made its debut at a historic time when, with the fall of an autocratic regime, the country was well set to begin a new era towards establishing a democratic system of government which eluded Bangladesh for too long. The Daily Star carries on with the long-term responsibility is to strengthen public opinion on how the democratic system should work and how to sustain and nurture democratic norms effectively. Being well aware of its social responsibilities and duties, the newspaper works to ensure human rights to all, remove gender discrimination, advocate rule of law, press freedom, transparency and accountability in the administration and in the world of trade and industry and above all to uphold national interests. While working for these ends, The Daily Star always maintains utmost sincerity and accountability to serve the nation the way it is bound by its norms and values. Besides running news reports on these issues, The Daily Star carries special reports, human-interest stories, features, articles and essays written by its staffs and other professionals and talents from across the country and abroad. During different national crises, the newspaper played an important role to solve those to stop people’s sufferings. As it remains alert of its social duties, The Daily Star frequently organizes round-tables, seminars and discussions on the issues. It also works closely with the civil society for this end. To promote young talents, The Daily Star organizes debates and different competitions at school and college-levels and awards those who show excellence in different fields.

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Radio Partner

Radio Foorti 88 FM

Radio Foorti 88.0 FM, the largest radio station in Bangladesh hit the airwaves in September 22nd, 2006, introducing the FM culture back to Bangladesh. It is one of the first stations to obtain and make use of an ordinance allowing broadcast radio to take off. Initially only able to be heard across Dhaka, Radio Foorti expanded aggressively, hitting Chittagong airwaves in July of 2007 and ensuring Sylhet got Foorti at 89.8 MHz from February of 2008, while changing its own Dhaka frequency to 88.0 MHz to ensure that no barrier can overcome a listener and their demand for Foorti. In August 2010, Radio Foorti has Foortified the people of Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal, Mymensingh, and Cox’s Bazaar thus covering the broad area of Bangladesh and making Radio Foorti the biggest station in Bangladesh. While the radio station itself has expanded, but the aim has not changed. Radio Foorti still plays a wide variety of music, ranging from golden classics to the latest song released from the top artists in Bangladesh, even mixing the hottest international tracks into the playlist. Through its network of friendly radio jockeys, constant audience interaction via text messages and special features allowing fans to get closer to their favorite stars, Radio Foorti has helped redefine the FM culture and has helped usher in a new way for music to be heard and for entertainment to be enjoyed.

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Broadcast Partner


RTV started in 2005 with the slogan “Aaj Ebong Agamir”. Currently the private channel is on top of the affair. RTV is well-liked by everyone for the right news and quality entertainment program. Previously, the print media was popular with everyone as the main form of media. Of course, the print media was the main form of media for all. However, everything changes with time. So, did media. Wireless waves, visual medium televisions all started to become appealing to people. Along with the development of IT, people's ideas changed. People now want to get the access to all the information at their convenience. Indeed, they now want both news and entertainment under one single portal.
The mass appeal of the public has been reflected in the media as well. Therefore, RTV has launched the online version which has been representing the entire RTV besides that of the TV screen for millions of visitors and readers in the country and abroad. That is, the whole RTV within a portal.

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Digital Content Partner

ICE Business TIMES

ICE Business Times is a monthly business publication which was established in September 2010. The magazine aims to analyze, interpret and disseminate news of local as well as global financial, commercial and industrial developments to its readers. By making its readers aware of the business climate in Bangladesh, the magazine aims to play a vital role in both the media and business sectors on a global scenario.

The magazine strives to disseminate economic news and present views and opinions of well-regarded business figures on how existing conditions in Bangladesh can be improved upon. To do so, enlightening them regarding local industry and overseas market growth as well as policy research and advocacy is important. At any time, and in every case unbiased, factual and balanced reporting will be the magazine’s aim and policy as it, along with its readers follow the country’s progress towards prosperity.

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Youth Engagement Partner


Star Youth

Star Youth is a weekly broadsheet specially issued to meet the interests of the aspirant youngsters of Bangladesh. They can be found on the 12th page of The Daily Star newspaper, every Friday.

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Photography Partner

Memory Land

Founded on October 8, 2015 memory land aims at capturing the precious moments that one can imagine or cannot, memories that can be seen or unseen, can be touched or felt. Their motto is to provide the best quality and service.

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