EconPodium jointly organized by BRAC University Economics Club & BRAC University Department of Economics and Social Sciences is an annual case-based competition that engages Bangladeshi students in a comprehensive public policy making process. This competition is a unique  opportunity for participants to understand the importance of conception and implementation of public policies, as well as to tackle common dilemmas in striking the right balance between populist policies and realistic policies. EconPodium gives participants the opportunity to not only engage with renowned experts from the government, private sector and academia, but also interact with highly qualified peers who share similarly high levels of passion and curiosity with regards to public policy making. During the competition participants will identify pressing national issues, according to a selected theme, and devise policies to address them. EconPodium looks forward in giving Bangladeshi undergraduates a chance at public policy making within the real world context. Entering its first edition EconPodium promises to become an intellectually stimulating and engaging edition. 



EconPodium | 1.0

EconPodium |1.0 is an Inter-University competition in which participating students will compete to articulate the best policy solution to address the problems related to the theme of “Urban Housing” in Dhaka city in a comprehensive manner capturing the economic, social and political dimension of policy making. It will provide participants a medium through which they can foster rational thinking and showcase different ideas through quality analysis of practical situations design future policies in sync with the theme of this competition. They will get the opportunity to channel out their inner policy maker in an arena where they will be heard and assessed.



Primary aim

To enable the Bangladeshi youth to gain comprehensive
insights to the policy making process: from conception to implementation.



  • To encourage students’ critical engagement in public policy research, upholding feasibility and the balance between different stakeholders’ interests.
  • To empower a generation of politically and socially aware Bangladeshi undergraduates.
  • To connect like-minded students of different educational backgrounds in a series of critical engagements.
  • To provide a podium for young undergraduates to speak up on pressing national issues.
  • To establish a prestigious competition brand that would set a yardstick for higher quality undergraduate discourse.