How can I join EconPodium | 1.0?

EconPodium |1.0 application will be divided into 2 categories. You may choose to join as a participant or as a public audience. The description is as follows:

Participant: A participant will be competing in 4 rounds that is set to be from
9th March to 23 rd March 2018. Participants may apply individually (individual applicants will be teamed up) or in a team of maximum 4 or minimum 3 to compete in teams in devising a policy relevant to the theme of EconPodium | 1.0. Teams are expected to come up with a policy and they will pitch to the judges in the Round 2 and Grand Finals (for Top 15 teams) whilst having mentors (teams can choose their own mentors and if they fail to choose their own mentor then organizing committee will assign a mentor to them) to guide the teams along.

Public audience: A public audience will not be competing in the EconPodium | 1.0 but will have full access to Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 and will have the opportunity to watch the Grand Finals. You will be able to interact directly with the participants competing in EconPodium | 1.0 and be able to provide suggestions on policies and recommendations during the programme. A public audience will not be competing in the Round 2 and Grand Finals but will be an audience witnessing the competition aspects. (Only Grand Finals will be opened for public audience to watch. Round 2 will be conducted privately.)
We will be opening 40 places for public audiences. Registration is on a first come-first served basis.
* No fee is required to join as a Public Audience.

Who can apply as a participant or public audience?

Participant category is open to Bangladeshis who:

  • are currently pursuing a diploma or equivalent; or degree or equivalent in an educational institution; or
  • have just graduated from a diploma or degree programme, but has not commenced a postgraduate course or entered the workforce.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate. Teams may consist of students from different universities. As for public audiences, it will be open to youths in the age range of 18-30 years old. We encourage applicants from all professions and courses.

How can I apply?

To apply as a participant, fill up the application/registration form, and then you will get access to the application questions. Lastly:

Submit the answer to the application question of your own choice

Link to the application/registration form for the participant can be found here
To register as a public audience, fill up the registration form and submit.
We will contact you via email thereafter to inform you of the further details for registration.
Link to the registration form for the public audience can be found here.

Is the competition exclusive for Econ Students?

No, students from different disciplines (e.g. Architecture, Sociology, BBA, Engineering) can participate.

Why is the application to be a participant not open to Masters students?

As much as we would like to accommodate as many students from different education levels as possible, we are also trying to maintain a level playing field for all our participants in the competition. We would encourage you to join as a public audience if you are currently pursuing a postgraduate course or working as long as you are between the ages of 18-30 years old.

What are the key dates for EconPodium | 1.0?

Registration commences: 4 th February 2018 (both for participants and public audience registration)
Registration Closes: 28th February 2018
(both for participants and public audience registration)

Round 1: The reformer in you (Online)
Workshop 1: The Art of Policy making: A Pragmatic Approach (9th March)
Round 2: Breaking Barriers (16th March)
Workshop 2: Public Policy Analytics (17th March)
Grand Finals: The Big Question ( 23rd March)

Is there any participation fee?

No registration fee is needed to participate in Round 1.
However, if you qualify for Round 2 then you have to pay BDT 800 as registration fee.

FAQ for Participants (Competition Category)


Who are the panel of judges?

Representatives from the government ministry and agencies, non-governmental organisations, think tanks, corporates and academia. The organizing committee strives to ensure a balanced panel of judges in order to provide a holistic assessment of the public policies presented.

How are teams formed after preliminary round for the competition category?

After the deadline, the committee will then assess the essays submitted.  If you are selected, our primary form of team formation would be based on your application. If you applied individually, you will be teamed up with other 3 individuals in a team of 4. If you applied as a team, you will be placed together with your original team members. Teams who are shortlisted are not allowed to change their teammates unless there are valid reasons for the changes pending the approval of the EconPodium | 1.0 Organizing Committee. If any of the team members could not make it for the competition, the Organizing Committee will select a replacement for the team from the pool of individual applicants.

Is it possible to use the same essay as other team or other individual applications?

No, it is not.  Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.  However, different teams or individuals can still discuss and submit essays on the same topic and points but the final submission should be their own work.  It would be in the best interest of teams to diversify perspectives and focus on different aspects of preparation for the challenge itself.

Is a mentor mandatory?

Yes, a mentor is mandatory for the participants who will be go through Round 1 successfully based on their essays.

**Participants are encouraged to start looking for a mentor who will be willing to guide them while they are preparing to submit their Round 1 solutions.

Who can be a mentor?

Mentor can be a faculty member (not necessary from Econ Background) from their respective universities .

What if we fail to find a mentor?

If a team fails to select a mentor then they will have to inform the Econpodium | 1.0 organizing team and the organizing committee will assign a mentor to that team.

What if a group has a similar public policy as another in the competition category?

The policy will then be judged on a few criteria.  Similar policies may be expected but it should not discourage you to present the same policy especially when your team has a different perspective on the issue.

What are the judging criteria?

The full criteria will be disclosed in the info pack.

What are the prizes given?

I cannot find an answer to my question here. Who should I contact for assistance?

Feel free to contact us at bracu.economicsclub@gmail.com. The organizing committee will strive to reply your e-mail in a timely manner.

FAQ for Public Audience Category


Are public audiences allowed to ask questions during the programmes and Grand Finals of EconPodium | 1.0?

Priority would be given to judges to address certain issues in their policies but once the judges have asked their respective questions, we would invite the audience to ask the relevant questions within the set time allowed for questions and answers for each team.

I cannot find an answer to my question here. Who should I contact for assistance?

Feel free to contact us at bracu.economicsclub@gmail.com. The organizing committee will strive to reply your e-mail in a timely manner.